Let me tell you the stroy behind this useful product.

 I could not still decide yet what is the name should be but I think the best name for it; "Personalized Leather Mobile Pad". I designed this for protect my important mobile phone from scratches. More importantly then this, I wanted to protect my charging cable jack.

It also helps with cable holder; after using your phone you could find it there on table. It doesn't slide down from table all the time.

Everyday I my put my phone to charge at least one time in a day. Most of the time I charge it while I'm working. So for me it became very very useful desktop accessory.

This cell phone pad has two layers genuine leather and cable holder on it. Simple and usefull design...

I think this is a great gift for office desks with personalization. I can apply monogrammed initials up to 6 letters but only UPPER case.

Now, I'm working on new additions on that product, you will love it:)




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