Creating a personalized workspace of your own is also a matter of creating a daily routine for yourself.

According to Virginia Woolf “ A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction”. Virginia was quite right when she said it. 

The most successful people in their fields, who are described as geniuses in history, have only one thing in common; apart from talent, that they have a certain routine.

Although routines may seem boring, they are the secret to a good life and they bring happiness.

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

If you are having trouble establishing a routine, 

Lets see 7 Ayurveda practices to transform your personality;

1- Wake up before sun rises

2- Daily self oil massage

3- Eating 80% of your hunger

4- Daily at least 20 min. Physical exercise

5- Avoid day sleep

6- Walk more sit less. Digest more eat less.

7- Foot massage before sleep.

In addition to all these, if you keep the area where you spend the day in order, your soul will rest, your eyes will relax and your brain will calm down. 

The order that comes with the routine gives you the pleasure of success and the way to self-realization and to give life its due is through daily routines and order.

Let's start from your desk to set up your personalized workspace;


First of all, you will need leather desk pad on your desk, since it will be the focal point of the table, we will arrange other objects around it. 

After placing your computer on the desk pad, of course you will need proper lightened desk lamp.

wooden desk lamp

Now you are ready to work with your computer at your cool workspace.

If you are still charge your mobile with cable then you may also need mobile charging pad with cable holder.

And of course, in your daily routine, you can organize your important documents in the custom portfolio organizer. Your leather file folder will ensure the security of your valuable documents.

Voila!  All of these will bring you order and the routine you desire.

When you wake up in the morning prepare a nice breakfast for yourself, put a flower on your table for yourself, apply a colorful lipstick for yourself, decorate your day with the beauties you will make for yourself, you are worth it.

And of course life is a celebration every day.

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