About Us

Serhat Caliskan, the visionary founder, designer, and manufacturer behind GAD, a renowned handmade leather goods company, is driven by a deep passion for crafting exceptional leather items. With the privilege of collaborating with Turkey's finest leather artisans, Serhat initially began creating these unique pieces exclusively for his beloved wife, Basak, and close friends.

After gaining valuable experience across various industries for a decade, Serhat made the courageous decision to transform his cherished hobby into a thriving business. In 2019, he established GAD and subsequently opened ateliers in Cappadocia and Kayseri in 2020.

The captivating allure of Cappadocia, a renowned tourist and historical gem in Turkey, served as the wellspring of inspiration for the GAD brand. The distinct fairy chimneys, rich history spanning back to the 12th century BC, breathtaking natural landscapes, and untamed horses of Cappadocia ignited Serhat's creativity. Derived from the Hittite word "Katpatuka," the name "GAD" is widely believed to mean "Land of Beautiful Horses" (Güzel Atlar Diyari).

While Serhat's professional background lies in hydrogeological engineering with expertise in managing drilling field operations within the renewable energy sector, his passion for leather craftsmanship led him to explore new horizons.

Currently, Serhat is fully immersed in the leather industry, leveraging his professional experience in business development, product design, digital marketing, and e-commerce. 

In addition to his roles at GAD, Serhat is the Artisan and Founder of G.A.D Roots - The Land of Beautiful Horses, a distinguished handmade luxury leather goods brand. In this capacity, he assumes responsibility for all aspects of the business, including brand and production management. Serhat's expertise allows him to excel in overseeing the entire range of business processes, encompassing product design and production, corporate identity design, brand communications, digital marketing, SEO-SEM strategies, content marketing, and efficient e-commerce operations.

Through his remarkable journey, Serhat has successfully merged his background in hydrogeological engineering with his profound love for leather craftsmanship, establishing a thriving legacy in the world of luxury leather goods.