Story of GAD

The Inspiring Story of GAD

GAD is a handmade leather goods company founded by Serhat Caliskan, a passionate artisan, with the aim of creating exceptional leather items. It all started as a hobby where Serhat crafted unique pieces for his wife and close friends in collaboration with Turkey's finest leather artisans.

After gaining valuable experience in various industries, Serhat made a bold decision to transform his passion into a thriving business. In 2019, he established GAD and opened an atelier in central Anatolia in 2020.

The brand is inspired by Cappadocia, a renowned tourist and historical gem in Turkey. The distinct fairy chimneys, rich history, breathtaking natural landscapes, and untamed horses of Cappadocia have ignited Serhat's creativity. The name "GAD" is derived from the Hittite word "Katpatuka" and is widely believed to mean "Land of Beautiful Horses" in Turkish.

Despite having a background in hydrogeological engineering and expertise in managing drilling field operations within the renewable energy sector, Serhat pursued his love for leather craftsmanship. Currently, GAD specializes in corporate gifts and wholesale distribution worldwide, with a special focus on the US, Australia, and Canada markets since 2019.

Through his remarkable journey, Serhat has successfully merged his background in hydrogeological engineering with his profound love for leather craftsmanship, establishing a thriving legacy in the world of luxury leather goods.